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Senior Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesia


Saudi Arabia - Eastern

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Those looking to pursue this opportunity will require: Minimum 5 years experience as cardiac anesthesia consultant and specialist qualification experience from US (Board), Canada (Royal College Fellowship) UK (CCT), Ireland (CSD, CSCST), Australia &NZ (Fellowship), France (DES, DESC) and other European countries according to the qualification equivalence tables of the SCFHS.. Preferable to have experience in both adult and pediatric cardiac anesthesia.


Salary: Advised upon the receival of a job offer Contract Duration: 12 months renewable Contract Status: Married (if required) Self, spouse and 2 children (up to 18 years) Accommodation: Provided free of charge – Fully furnished Flights: For you and your family at the start and end of the contract year – Business Class Leave: 30 days annually, 10 days local holidays Education Allowance: equivalent average included in salary Study Leave: 10 days per annum with a Saudi Riyal 15,000 allowance Medical cover: Provided for yourself and your family. Transport: Provided as required Hours of work: 9 hours per day and 5 days a week


650 bed capacity government referral centre The hospital offers services to its patients by providing the following specialities: Oncology, Organ Transplant including liver transplant, Neurosciences, Cardiac Services Programs, and Genetic Sciences. There are other particular specialities that are available in the hospital as well, such as: Haematology, Rehabilitation, Neurological Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, and many other specialities. The Anaesthesia service provides anaesthesia to all the above mentioned specialities both in the operating theatres and at the remote locations. It provides anaesthesia to Paediatric and Adult population and this covers both elective and emergency surgery.

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