the capital city is Doha, located on the Eastern coast



approximately 1,350,000 people


Qatari Riyal(QR) There are:

  • QR 5.6 = £1.00
  • QR 3.65 = $US 1.00

The capital city is Doha, located on the Eastern coast. The population is approx 350,000 people. There are no other large cities, Al Khor to the north of Doha being the next largest.

The currency is the Qatari Riyal. There are QR 5.6 = £1.00 or QR 3.65 = $US1.00. There are no restrictions on the transfer of money in or out of Qatar. Time Qatar time is 3 hours ahead of GMT.

Social Climate
The social climate in Doha is relatively relaxed and women are free to drive and although Qarari women wear the traditional cloak and head covering this is more colourful than the black covering required in some countries and generally attitudes seem less severe. Women have an active role in many parts of Qatari society. Expatriates are not required to dress traditionally although Qatar is still a conservative Islamic state and modest clothing, discretion and sensitivity are required. There have long been substantial numbers of ex- pats in Doha and the Qatari’s have come to appreciate and accept the differences that these bring.

Doha has any number of Restaurants from the highly to the modestly priced including fast food outlets. A lot of the eating out and socialising still takes place at the international hotels, of which there are a number. These hotels are amongst the few places serving alcohol, the availability of which is tightly monitored by the Qatari authorities.

Qatar is well served for expatriate schooling. There are two primary and one secondary school teaching English and schooling is available up to age 18. There is an American school teaching from Kintergarten to Grade 12, an International school teaching in English, French and Arabic from age 3 – 11 plus Indian and Pakistani and a Lebanese school instructing in French.

Sports catering to all needs are available, international golf, tennis, squash and snooker tournaments have been held in Qatar and facilities are quickly becoming more plentiful.

In the past 20 years Doha has developed rapidly It is now amongst the most modern looking of cities. It also still retains a more relaxed and easygoing slower pace of life that some have lost.

This information is selective. It provides background and useful details on aspects of Kuwait. It should not be considered the definitive source and further sources should be referred to for other specific information.

General Information
Qatar is probably the least known of the gulf states and is much less commercially developed than places close by such as Bahrain or Dubai. Oil is of course the mainstay of the economy and Qatar has massive reserves of Natural Gas. Government policy has been to put aside a substantial percentage of revenue each year for the future.

Over the last couple of years and increasingly so Doha has begun developing many new leisure and commercial activities. The West Bay area of Doha, for long undeveloped has seen much new business and residential development as well as new recreational facilities, a golf course and sports clubs. Along the Corniche new buildings seem to rise by the week.

Doha is also a city of parks and families are often to be found in the cool of the evening picnicking there and along grassed areas adjacent to the Corniche.

The Qatar telecommunications system is efficient. There is an English language newspaper and Radio station and TV channel. Tap water is drinkable.

Employees in Qatar will usually be provided with free accommodation, apartment/flats for single status employees, houses for married staff.


The climate is characterised by a mild winter and a hot summer (May to September) and high levels of Humidity. Summer temperatures average 35 degrees centigrade. There is occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms from December and January. Winter temperatures average at 22 – 25 degrees.