Life Style

For the expat looking to work in the region they can be assured that their primary concerns for themselves and their families will be met.

British, American, Indian and Pakistani schools are available in all major locations and Scandinavian, German and French schools in some; accommodation is varied but of generally a good quality and most sports and leisure activities are available in most locations. Many international sporting events take place in the region and all high quality facilities for every sport from scuba diving to golf being catered for. With expatriates being numerous and unusually living in the same location/area and with children attending the same schools there is plenty of opportunity for families to meet and socialise.

Expats have set up their own social clubs in most locations and employers provide social activities in many cases as do embassies and consulates. This is more important in Saudi Arabia where there are few outside public entertainments. Children are always given consideration and recreational facilities for them are numerous.

All larger cities and towns have plenty of restaurants offering from local cuisine up to 5 star international standard and most in between. Chain hotels are the focal point for many of the best eating places, sports clubs and social activities across the region. Most usual goods and items are available in the shops including a wide variety of familiar brands.

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