Frequently Asked Questions

I just made an application through your website, what happens now?

Once you’ve made an application, your information and CV are passed to a member of our recruitment team. We will then review your information to make sure everything is correct and begin processing your CV. We make minor changes to your CV including:

• Adding our logo

• Removing data such as your email address to protect your personal information and privacy

• Occasionally reformatting the CV to better suit the requirements of our clients

Once this is done, we create a file for you which includes everything such as your location preferences and salary expectations. Using this data, we then begin searching for vacancies that will suit both you and our clients. As per our guidelines and the agreement based upon applying, we will then seek to apply for these vacancies on your behalf.

I sent my application over two weeks ago, and you have not contacted me?

Waiting for progress is frustrating, we know this better than anyone. We process your application immediately, primarily contacting the institution with the vacancy you initially applied for and for additional positions that might suit you. Just because you have not heard anything back yet, does not mean progress is not being made.

This process takes time. Not only do things can move at a slower pace in the Middle East but our clients must deal with hundreds of applications at a time. Once initially reviewed, they must be passed onto the respective departments for further review.

The most important thing is that they have your application, and we ensure that we pass your information on in the best possible light to give you the best opportunity of obtaining an interview.

How long does the recruitment process take in total?

Once a job offer is made following an interview and full review the whole process through to joining the institution can take between 4 months up to 8 months depending on your own notice period and the country concerned. We cannot be too specific as each institution and country has its own procedures.

Why are you asking for my documentation, BMI and other information before I know about the job specs?

Alongside an initial review, sometimes our clients will ask for further information, documentation or references in order to establish a full file in order to present the respective departments as much intelligence regarding the applicant as possible. Usually, this is an excellent sign as it means that they have an interest in you and would like to know more. Of course, they may also wish to conduct their own background checks to confirm the information provided is valid and correct; like checking the GMC for a valid license or any malpractice.

Can you please tell me the salary level, roles and duties expected of me and the benefits schedule?

This is a regular question, and of course, we completely understand why that is. However, most of this information we cannot provide before a formal interview has taken place, but why is that?

• The client will provide a salary offer based upon a review of qualifications, experience and other factors, therefore as the agency we cannot provide this information ourselves

• Since we are not privy to the day-to-day workings of each individual department of every hospital we work with and as we are not medical professionals, we leave the specific information to the institution to provide at interview. Your interview will be with the department head or senior clinician within the department who will be able to answer specific questions for you.

• Benefits schedules are provided by us as we do have a template schedule for each institution which is based on information provided by the client themselves.

If I give you my documentation and further details, what security measures do you have in place to protect my information? 

We follow the legal GDPR requirements of the UK. If given by a candidate, we hold onto your documentation and information for a six-month period. After those six months, we will contact you again to ask your permission to continue holding the information or delete it as per your request. Your information is secured on our private database which only Ash International has access to.

As for your sharing of your information, we share it only with our contracted partners who have requested it. As such, we inform you of the client’s interest before asking for this documentation to make you aware of who the information is being shared with. We will only share it with them as per your agreement. When we send the client your CV, that is due to the agreement made when applying through our website. Any other parties we share the information with are for legal verification purposes.

You can view our GDPR agreements and terms and conditions here:

What qualifications do I require to work as Consultant in the gulf region?

As a UK based agency, our agreement only allows us to recruit candidates qualified from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States of America. If you hold specialist qualifications from other locations or lack a license in the county where you wish to work, it will be not be possible for us to assist you due to these contractual obligations. As mentioned, when applying, if you do not meet the requirements it is likely that we will not acknowledge your application.

What documents do I need to make an initial application?

Initially we only need the online application form completed and your CV. The CV needs to contain personal details such as nationality, date of birth, marital status and religion, qualifications, licensing, employment history and academic activities as a minimum.

Will I need to supply other documentation later?

Yes, you will. One of the main requirements is to complete the Dataflow online documentation verification system for the country in which you will be working. You need this to obtain your medical license.

Individual institutions also have their own recruitment processes, forms etc. to complete.

Will I need to sit an exam before obtaining my license?

This depends on your qualification and the rules of the individual country concerned. Be prepared that you may have to do this. In our opinion any one experienced enough to qualify as a Consultant or Specialist should not have a problem with the examination.

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