Working Conditions

The workplace is the place which will be most familiar to the expat. You job role and the facilities available will no doubt be those with which you are accustomed. Colleagues will be of many nationalities but the professional language is English. Management methods will be based on those you are used to (with local flavour) and the way your new colleagues work will be familiar to you.

Hours of work in the region vary from location to location. Standard working hours are between 35 and 48 hours a week over 5, 5 ½ or 6 days a week. Thursday/Friday (Saudi Arabia) or Friday/Saturday is the weekend. Government institutions work usually between the hours of 7.30am – 3.30/4.00pm and private companies from 8.00am – 12 noon and 4.00pm – 8.00pm.

Contracts and Salaries
Contract terms and salaries vary almost between every individual employer in the Arabian peninsular however there are some aspects common to the majority of contracts:
– All salaries are tax free at source ( there are no exchange controls)
– Free accommodation of appropriate size or an allowance is provided
– Furnishing
– Free utilities
– Flights at start and end of contract year (& for family If married status)
– Paid vacation of at least 30 days a year
– Local holidays
– Free or subsidised medical care
– End of year bonus
– One, two or three year renewable contracts
– Sick pay
– Emergency leave

Over and above this some employers may offer study leave, educational allowance for children, guaranteed increments, additional flights, up to 60 days vacation and malpractice insurance/professional indemnity.

Underpinning all contracts are specific countries labour laws determining the rights and obligations of employees and employers. They specify work hours, guaranteed bonuses, the right to terminate employment, sick pay and other such matters.

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