Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre

Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Saudi Arabia

Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Riyadh is the main referral centre for adult and paediatric cardiac care of the armed forces personnel, their dependents and eligible civilian patients.

The Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre (PSCC) is located within the complex of the Prince Sultan Military Medical City (Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital) and was establsihed as a stand alone Cardiac Services Centre in the 1990s replacing the Cardic centre integral to the Riyadh Military Hospital which was itself established in the late 1970s.


The Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre has just under 180 patient beds dedicated to Adult Cardiac Surgery (including adult congenital disases),Paediatric Cardic Surgery, Adult and Paeditic Cardiology. There are 4 operating threatres, catheterization labs, cardiac electrophysiology labs and nuclear cardiology stress labs. There is a significant level of surgical, cardiac and paediatric intensive care facilities.

Outpaient clinics are provided for Adult Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Heart Transplant, Pacemakers (Adult & Pediatric), Heart Failure, Valves, Cardiac Rehabilitation & Prevention, Congenital Heart Diseases and
Adult Primary Care.

From 1986 to date, 25 orthotopic heart transplant procedures have been performed at the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center.

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